Sports Specific Movement

I360 Evaluation

THE ONE TRUE MEASURE OF ATHLETIC POTENTIAL NOW AVAILABLE in Brea, Glendora (and surrounding cities.) at 212-FITNESS and ANOTHER LEVEL SPORTS PERFORMANCE. EXCLUSIVE TO HIGH SCHOOL, COLLEGE, and PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES as well as the GENERAL POPULATION who is no longer participating at a high level in sports but wants to know where they measure up and how to get better.

Under Armour C360 is the world's only comprehensive athlete evaluation and scoring system. Developed in conjunction with IMG Academies, the Under Armour C360 measures:

  • Foundational Athleticism
  • Sports Specific Movement
  • Integrative Movement
  • Visual Ability
  • Mentality
  • Nutrition
  • Communication
  • Powered by Under Armour 212-Fitness and Combine 360 joined forces to offer a testing and training program guaranteed to improve athleticism. Start with the C360. Our Combine 360 Certified coaches will put you through a warm-up and test your Athleticism and Movement. 212-Fitness will send you home with a link to complete three online sections to test your Character.

    After completing all sections of the test you will receive your general UA C360 score. From that point you will go over the results with our coaches to find the weaknesses in your program.

    From this data a report is generated listing the results in each test as well as a composite score for each of the 3 sections and an aggregate C360 score. The data can be useful to help illustate the need for training, serve as a guide for determining training priorities, act as the basis for goal setting, provide criteria for need-based training groups or individualizing training in a large group setting, as well as many other applications.

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