Training Is Your Sport

When Training Is Your Sport

Ignite Performance Training is an intense fitness discipline and training system based on the core elements of sport performance that challenges each individual to maximize their potential and enhance their athletic engine through Challenges and workouts rooted in movement, balance and strength.

Combine training exercises fall into four main categories within workouts: dynamic warm-up (DW), core-posture (CP), explosiveness-quickness (EQ), Testing and Assessments (TS) and resistance training (RT) within each category, there are also designations for specific sports, all sports or elite performance, dialing in the focus of each exercise in terms of balance, strength and movement.

Exercise Elements:

  • Movement: Linked total body motion
  • Strength:Stable & intentional force generation
  • Balance:Control body in space
  • Exercise and Fitness Equipment

    Once seen as an luxury item for more affluent households, home-based fitness equipment is now a practical and economical choice for anyone. Everyone is familiar with the cycle and treadmill, but exercise technology has made many other options possible.

    Before signing up for another year of gym dues and making exercise commitments that are difficult to keep, investigate the benefits and types of home workout equipment.

    Benefits of Home Exercise Equipment

    Getting a regular workout is not the easiest task. Walking and other outdoor exercise are limited by weather considerations and sometimes by the neighborhood setting.

    Gym require dues and a commute, which is a small investment of time and money that accumulates into large investments over the long term. Home equipment is a one-time investment allowing ready access to the benefits of exercise no matter the weather or financial situation.

    Types of Home Fitness Equipment

    Many types of equipment ensure ready access to exercise for everyone. Whether fitness is a new consideration of a long-held passion, vibration training plates from Vibrostation are a great choice for the home gym. Vibration technology was first developed by the Russian space program to counter muscle atrophy in zero-gravity environments.

    It was quickly adopted into the Olympic training program for Russian athletes due to success. These machines are simple to use and provide a fast workout.

    The great thing about these types of exercise machines is how they can cram a full body workout into a short space of time. Typically a good workout would take around 1 hour – with a vibration training plate this can be cut down to just 10 minutes. Added to this the whole workout puts much less pressure on joints so is great as a long term solution too. So not only do you need to apply less effort than a regular workout, it is better for your body in the long term.

    Other types of equipment are rarely seen in gyms, but they are common for single-machine home gyms. Multi-purpose exercise machines target every muscle group by using slight changes to the resistance fulcrum points. Some machines are isotonic in that they use body weight and a steepening incline for resistance.

    Learning curves are common with this option. It takes some time to learn the variations and establish a routine. Investigate the many types of fitness equipment before investing in a home gym.

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