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Athletes…take your game to Another Level

New age in sports performance training needs to be functional and sport specific. Days of lifting only heavy weights have changed.

Being certified by the IYCA we are considered internationally to be the very best and most effective youth and fitness coaches/ trainers anywhere in the world.

We (can) cater exclusively to youth athletes and fitness enthusiasts aged 6-18. Our system for optimal fitness / athletic training has been tested and proven successful on over thousands of participants in more than 20 different countries.

If professional and collegiate athletes are on the cutting edge in training in a new and more effective way, why shouldn't the high school and youth athletes have the same opportunity?

By developing a well-rounded strength and sport specific conditioning program, studies have shown that it can reduce the potential for training and non-contact injuries.

Another Level Sports Performance

Training and conditioning workouts are personally designed for any athlete / child who wants to reach his or her full potential, and provide an understanding and mental image of how to better/ improve their speed, quickness, agility, power, over-all fitness as well as their Performance Pyramid.

By then assessing and addressing an athlete's movement, strength, speed, flexibility and endurance needs, athletes and kids can stay in top shape throughout the year.

Ab Coaster Review

The Ab Coaster is a workout machine designed to help flatten & tone your stomach. But will it work for you and is there a better alternative?

Read my personal story on my blog and check out my "results photos" to find out more...


My name is Alison and for the first time in 12 years, I'm actually happy with my waistline!

You're about to find out about my slightly strange experiences with a couple of popular weight loss products (including the Ab Coaster) and how I was able to drop 30lbs in 6 months to look GREAT on my wedding day - and I'll show you photos of me to prove it!

I'll also share 3 secrets to help you get noticeable results faster.

It's my hope that after reading this page, you'll be able to learn from my story and be able to understand how I've burned my tummy fat and kept it off for over a year now.

Initially when I made this webpage I only had a review about the "Ab Coaster" as that was one of the things that made a huge difference for me initially.

I've since expanded this page as over the past year I've used another program that has really helped me maintain my waistline and, in hindsight, I would have probably preferred to use from the very beginning (as a cheaper alternative to the AbCoaster). Read on for details...

I needed to fix my figure...and FAST!

I was 6 months away from my wedding...but my wedding was a bit different to most%u2026I'd have NO CHANCE at all to hide my "love handles".

My husband had convinced me that we should have a BEACH wedding and that it should be on a tropical island...specifically, Fiji (in the Pacific Ocean).

I know it sounds amazing, but I was TERRIFIED.

My closest friends and family would all be there and I was sitting at 30lbs OVERWEIGHT.

I needed a plan to shed my tummy fat and get in shape, and I needed it fast.

I'd tried dieting in the past but I'd only ever got mediocre TEMPORARY results.

Between my husband and I, we'd purchased pretty much every workout machine that we'd seen on TV in the past 10 years including the Total Gym 1500, Easy Rider, Ab Roller, Ab Crunch Machine, Swiss Ball, Free Weights (dumbbells and barbells), P90X, the old fashioned treadmill, and many other fitness "fads".

To cut a long story short, we knew that we had a tendency to buy things that ended up cluttering up our garage without much use.


e also no longer believed the "hype" of the infomercials.

When frantically looking for a solution, I told one of my work mates about my I needed something that'd get me results quickly but that I didn't have time to fail%u2026

She told me about how her husband had just purchased something called the "Ab Coaster" and how he was thrilled with the results he'd seen after just one month of using it.

I did some more research and found out that the AbCoaster had actually been featured in some well-known magazines and was also being used in thousands of gyms worldwide.

I figured that if gyms were using it, then it must be reasonably good and my stomach was still burning so it'd obviously done something right.

On top of all this I figured that it had a full money back guarantee to use if I didn't see fast results.

I went ahead and placed my order.

Three weeks later, my Ab Coaster arrived (waiting for it seemed like an eternity!). I quickly set about watching the workout DVD and reading the "14 Day Express Program" and the Exercise Guide.

I was ready to start.

A set of gym equipment